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Investment Advice

Build your personalized portfolio

Constructing effective portfolios in today’s market can be challenging. Our clients have come to rely on our team’s counsel in building and maintaining a portfolio geared to reach their investment objectives.

Intimately familiar with every line on your statement.

A portfolio is more than just a collection of securities you accumulate over the years. Every single line must serve a purpose and be carefully selected as part of a whole. Before adding or removing every security from your portfolio, our team conducts extensive due diligence and research to identify the key factors which would add or remove from expected performance.

Bottom-up approach

Some of our equities selection criteria:

  • Healthy balance sheet
  • Stable financial growth
  • Sustainable competitive advantage
  • High barriers to entry for competitors
  • Proven management track record

Top-down approach

Precise approach for stronger results.

  • 1. Analyzing global industries
  • 2. Understanding the actual economy
  • 3. Making the best decision for your short or long term goals

Studies have shown that asset class selection determines a large part of your overall return. This is the main reason our team always keeps its focus on current macroeconomic indicators. This enables us to build our clients all weather portfolios that can face any conditions on the horizons.

Institutional Style Management

Just as no sports team is entirely comprised of all-star players, no firm can possibly have the best money managers in every investment class. Through our extensive due diligence process, including industry research and management meetings, we select the best breed of external money management firms, all while remaining fully objective and independent with our choices.

Risk Management

“Predicting rain doesn’t count, building the ark does.”
– Warren Buffett

Winning by Not Losing

Avoid permanent losses.

These are destruction of capital caused by a permanent drop of market value of an investment. This scenario occurs most often when investing in unproven companies, penny stocks, overvalued securities or even from a stock tip from an unreliable source.

Profit when the market isn’t so profitable.

Opportunities come and go. Some events can make the market fluctuate and different companies trade at valuations below their fair value. These are temporary lows often driven by investor fears or economic downturns. By understanding and following the market, you can create opportunities to buy quality and secure assets at a bargain price. The goal is to be aware of it and take action.

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Diversification is key

One of the core tenants for risk mitigation is to diversify your portfolio. However, with the desire to diversify comes the risk of including too much, leading to poor diversification. For example, adding too many companies in the same industry will result in a lower expected return compared to picking the best ones. Also, doing so does very little to protect the investor from a downturn in the entire industry, as the share prices of all of those companies will likely decrease at the same time.

The key to efficient diversification involves the concept of correlation. This is the measures to which two assets move in the same direction at any given time. To maximize the benefits of diversification, it is crucial that a portfolio is composed of assets with little correlation to one another. In other words, different holdings and different industries tend to not move in the same way at the same time, reducing the overall volatility of the portfolio.


In an environment where taxation can erode more than 50% of portfolio returns, it is crucial to consider various tax implications carefully.

A small difference in the taxation of your portfolio can create a huge difference in your wealth over time.

Consider the results below of two portfolios of 500,000$ invested for 20 years with a rate of return of 5%.

  • Portfolio A: 25% tax rate for the investment returns
  • Portfolio B: 50% tax rate for the investment returns

For illustration purposes only

Fees & Transparency

We help you reach your financial goals. We make sure your money is well invested. We truly believe that transparency builds a stronger relationship with customers and we want you to understand what you pay.

We understand the impact of fees and the importance to get your money's worth. This is why we make sure everything possible is being done to maintain excellent service.